High Fiving Tramps

The now internationally famous podsquad gather at Soccermax Towers. We discuss everything. Literally (not literally) everything. Suarez, Manchester United clinching their 20th title, the Champions League semi finals, and who should appear on the new £5 note. Plus. Gaz brings back his very own feature, Would You Rather.


Media Whores

The shackles have been firmly lifted here at Soccermax Towers. We’ve been plastered all over the media today, so much so that people are already talking about over-exposure.

Anyway, in case you missed it, you can see our appearance on BBC’s flagship quiz show (not including Pointless), on iPlayer here:


We also made it in to the Chester Chronicle. What do you mean you’ve never heard of it?


The Curious Case Of Simon Dawkins

A somewhat overdue return for the podsquad. Join us to hear news of our appearance on Eggheads and Whit blame the crowd disturbance at the FA Cup semi final on Margaret Thatcher. Manly brings a rhyming slag to the table, and we discuss the Premier League, Di Canio and the Champions League, all under the watchful eye of a new producer.